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Michael Burns

Michael was formerly senior executive officer of the Australia Immigration Department for over 39 years. He previously held diplomatic postings to Fiji, Thailand, Greece and the UK in a specialist immigration role. His last two postings have been to Dubai where he had the duel role of countering threats to Australia’s border security and visa program integrity with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States and Iran.

Michael also served for two years as the Immigration Departmental Liaison Officer within the Ministerial offices of two Australian Government Immigration Ministers. In this role he provided complex and sensitive operational, legislative and policy advice to the Minister

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Migration and Visa Services

We have an extensive knowledge of Australian visa legislation and policy. Michael Burns Consulting is internationally recognised as having a specialised understanding of Australia’s complex visa process. We aim to deliver high quality immigration solutions with an emphasis on making the immigration process understandable, easy, straightforward and successful.

Michael Burns is  a Registered Migration and a Member of the Migration Institute of Australia, He holds a Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice from Victoria University.

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Immigration Border Management Solutions

Michael Burns Consulting specialises in identifying, analysing and mitigating risk to immigration border security in the global environment. With a recognised international expertise in implementing a multilayered approach to immigration border security we can assist you by providing:

  • Advice on enhance policies, standards and practices for multilayered border management and protection; and
  • Developing and delivering targeted capacity building training to develop local expertise.
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